UNW-DPC regularly adds editions to its four publications series: Mapping, Reporting, Proceedings and Knowledge. Some of our latest publications can be found below. Clicking on one of the links at the top of this page will allow you to search through our different series of publications or to look in chronological order.

Latest Publications

Proceedings of the Second Regional Drought Workshop, for LAC

UNW-DPC has published a proceedings for the second regional workshop, for Latian American and Caribbean Countries, in the UN-Water initiative on "Capacity Development to Support National Drought Management Policies". Find out more at the project's online platform in the UN-Water Activity Information System.

Report on UNW-DPC's second Work Plan, 2010-2013

UNW-DPC has completed a report which details its work throughout the period of its second Work Plan, 2010-2013. Click here to download.

Bonding and Bridging in CD Networks

Together with the KWR Watercycle Research Institute, UNW-DPC has produced a new publication which analyses the networks fostered within the multi-year UN-Water project on the " Safe Use of Wastewater in Agriculture ". The full publication is available for download here .

UNW-DPC magazine on "Water and Energy"

UNW-DPC has dedicated its 18th regular newsletter, the "Capacity Pool", to the topic of "Capacity Development for the Water-Energy Nexus" to coincide with the topic of the 2014 World Water Day. The magazine includes an overview of the links between water and energy and inside information on activities surrounding the 2014 Day and the release of the 2014 World Water Development Report. Check out the e-magazine format or click here for further information on water and energy.