Within its "Knowledge" series of publications, UNW-DPC regularly produces outcomes of the analyses and case studies it conducts on water-related capacity development. These publications are available for download below in reverse chronological order.

Knowledge No. 10 National Drought Management Policies Synthesis (download)

Knowledge No. 9  Bonding and Bridging in Capacity Development Networks (download)

Knowledge No. 8 The Contribution of Water Technology to Job Creation and Development of Enterprises (download)

Knowledge No. 7 Capacity Development for Farm Management Strategies to Improve Crop-Water Productivity using AquaCrop: Lessons learned (download)

Knowledge No. 6 Capacity Development for Water and Environmental Journalists (download)

Knowledge No. 5 Curriculum Development for Water and Climate Change (download)

Knowledge No. 4 Water Related Migration, Changing Land Use and Human Settlements (download)

Knowledge No. 3 Institutional Capacity Development: Working together to support policy and legal reforms for equitable water allocation (download)

Knowledge No. 2 Education for Water Sustainability: Where Decades Meet  (download)

Knowledge No. 1 Gender-disaggregated Data on Water and Sanitation (download)